Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We did it!!! We went to the beach. Ft. Walton Beach (6 miles from Destin). Fun. Relaxing. Yes, relaxing. We hired a nanny to come with us. Best decision of 2011, so far. Ha! The kids had a blast. They swam, in the hot tub.. because the beach in March is still too cold. And so is the regular pool. Thankfully the hot tub was not that hot and therefore safe for the kids.

This is Blessing. She was our nanny. She is amazing with children. She is one of eight in her own family. She was a God send. Very sweet and a heart for small children. I highly recommend you take her along on your next vacation. Her help is worth any amount! Thank you Blessing!! We miss you.

and alas, this is my favorite picture of 491 that I took. This picture is a perfect reminder to me to take that shot..even if i think it looks cheesy or isn't going to turn out. I very quickly bent down to get this shot. I stepped in front of Blessing and about knocked her over, because Eva was moving so quickly and i was just sure i'd miss the opportunity. In fact, when i looked at it in my camera (pre-editing) I was sure I wasn't going to like it. But now.. it's my favorite. two things: take the shot.. and lots of them.. second, always wait until you can edit a photo before you dismiss it.


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Heather said...

Someday, you will look back at these pictures, and think of how precious the memory is, and get a little twinge of sadness. . . . .

Ask me how I know :)

And Blessing is FABULOUS! You can tell her I said so!