Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random thoughts..

1.  Cooler weather secures my spending ways as I will gladly keep buying new bags of socks to replace the ones I refuse to look for.  Four kids and missing socks= insanity.

2.  You may call me a feminist if your definition is "one who looks on the division of labor in the home as 'see a need, fill a need- regardless of your anatomy.'"

3.  I am evermore convinced that there is no such thing as "getting caught up on laundry."  We are all "behind" at least 4-10 loads at any given point in time.

4.  You are not classified as a "mexican restaurant" if I ask you for cilantro for my taco's and you say you don't have any.

5.  I can see that a big cause for so much tension among Christians is because some seem to take some issues way more seriously than others'.  And feel that those "others" need to feel the same way as they do.  Creates a terrible outcome over and over again.

6.  The GNO (girls night out) is not about "getting away to refresh my spirit so that I can come home more calm, relaxed and ready to lovingly approach my children."  No, the GNO is solely to keep me from snapping on my children or as my sister M said "one more step away from the looney bin."  It does not, I repeat, does not mean I will come back a different person than when I left, it means I will delay the evolving into the monster I don't want to become if I were to stay.

7.  I hate that counting calories doesn't work like rollover minutes: the ones I didn't consume today can be used tomorrow.  Especially since I plan on not working out AND eating a ginormous cheeseburger.

8.  My kids made a song about butts being on fire.  I am trying to remember that they will embarrass their own children one day.  THEN it will be cute.

9. Will it be awkward when I get to heaven and see some of my legalist brothers and sisters in Christ eating dinner with people they NEVER thought would "make it?"

 10.  I think I may lose more friends over my support for Rachel Held Evans than my participation in Halloween.

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