Saturday, January 19, 2008

Be Warned!

It started at 6 a.m yesterday morning. I thought it was due to the pregnancy.. then by the time it was 7 p.m I had thrown up 12 times and I KNEW that this could not be pregnancy! YUK. Beware people.. there is a heinous bug going around and I got bit. It is not the kind of "up chuck" where you feel better afterwards.. No this was the "in the bed all day, can't move, can't sit up without 'loosing it'" kind of bug. I am serious, this was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. I have never been so out of commission..even worse than when I got mastitis after Jorgito was born.

Anyhoo, the second day (today) has been better. Still in the bed most of the day, but able to eat (i only had an ounce of Apple juice yesterday and couldn't even keep that down). I've just been "weak" from all the "loosing it" yesterday and not having anything in my body, in way of nourishment. Im just glad to return to my regular pregnancy nausea today.. and not the other kind. ;-)

And to answer "anonymous" on my last post.. I joke that its a girl because of how different this pregnancy is already.. compared to my two boys, who were pretty much identical in terms of symptoms. Except for the way I carried them. Miguel stretched my belly in ways I never knew could happen. I laugh at the people who put out that stretch mark lotion! HA! You've met your match!

Well have a good night everyone.. sorry for all the gross talk.


Ole Miss Mom said...

Hello! We don't know each other 'exactly' but I think we have the whole "six degrees of separation" thing going on! I used to go to Briarwood Church- my husband works for the people who helped start it! I also think we have a friend - Leslie M. - in common. Just wanted to drop by and say "Hi" and that I enjoy reading your blog! I just had my third baby this past summer and know how it is with 3 small children! Congrats and I look forward to hearing how this pregnancy goes with 2 other little ones!
I hope you feel better - and that we don't get this "bug"! I think a few of my friends have had it as well!
Good luck!


Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

ole miss mom- thanks for stopping by! im curious, how did you come across my blog?

Ole Miss Mom said...

I think you posted a comment on Leslie M.'s facebook page or vice versa. It was when you found out you were pregnant last time and nervous about having 3 under 3. I clicked you and noticed you had a blog too! I love blog hopping and it caught my eye! :-)

Marsha said...

Oh Rachel! I hope you are doing better now! Are you rehydrated?

Leslie said...

Sorry you've been so sick! That sounds awful!!