Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm still here.. barely!

Hey all my blogging friends. I haven't written lately because I didn't want to bore all of you with the same rhetoric: im nauseous. Morning, noon and night. Mostly noon. The worst is from about 2:30-5:00, right when I start dinner (4:00 p.m). Yuk. Other than that.. there isn't much going on. I was just telling a random lady at Chickfila today, that my poor kids have been locked inside for the past two weeks, until daddy gets home (around 4:00 p.m). Then they see the light of day. I just haven't had the energy, nor the stomach to handle it. In fact, today was the first time we have been to chickfila since that post I made about our experience there. lol.

I was telling this poor lady, at chickfila, how glad i was my kids were so young so that they wouldn't hold it against me that they watched cartoons and movies most of the day (apart from nap) while mommy is a complete mess spread out on the couch (okay so this is an exaggeration.. there are moments that come and we have great play time together.. about 23 minutes out of the day).

So now is the time for you moms to weigh in.. am i "more sick" this pregnancy or is it because of chasing the other two that makes it compounded? Your inputs are greatly appreciated. ;-) I promise the next post will be more thrilling.



Missy said...

Ah Rachel, I'm sorry. It is no fun to be sick.
You could be sick because of all the other responsibilities or it could be a (hold you breath) girl!
Who knows but God right!
Seriously, I would like to bring you some dinner one night.
Really Really I would! I have been in the sick pregnant home with little one phase ( and I assure you Logan is not scarred)
and it would have been nice for dinner to be served by somebody other than ChefBoyardee!
Hang in there girly!

Ole Miss Mom said...

Sorry you feel so bad! I was sick with all mine until around 8 or 9 weeks...then it was just fatigue...but partly because I HAD to get up and feed my family everyday whether I wanted to or not! :-) I think it goes by faster the 3rd time because you're so busy with the other 2 though! You'll feel better soon! :-)

Marsha said...

I'm with Missy... you're probably sick because this wee one is a girl. She was mega sick with Lana. And what she failed to mention is she had Chef de Marmi there a WHOLE bunch! I made the long treck because she needed her Mommy and Logan needed someone to take care of him. He didn't have an older brother to help watch over him. Plus he tended to get into things like toilets and plants and poop and eat and drink of these things...oh, and caterpillars, too.

I'm praying for you!

Michelle said...

I remember those days. yuck. I don't think your kids will remember much but even if they do I'm sure you are doing a great job. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Dollar General said...

You look good to be so sick! I looked HORRIBLE and I did lay around ALL THE TIME - threw up some too. My kids told our NEW NEIGHBORS "My Mom just lays around all the time - she's pregnant" I hope they forget that part of my life.

I have no idea about being sick. I was all three times!! It's hormones out of wack!