Monday, March 17, 2008

I love when that happens!

well I obviously love when I call the pedicure place at 7:35 and ask when they close and they say "we already closed, but what do you need?" I say "pedicure" and they say, "you come now." Great! I go now! Obviously getting a last minute pedicure this late at night is a great treat. . but even more than that I love getting to make conversation with people I don't know.

Since I already know the people that work at the nail salon, they don't count. ;-) Once I was "done" and waiting for my beautimus toe polish to dry I sat across from Kim, who I do not know. We started talking about "Dancing with the stars" bc that's what they were watching on t.v at the salon. She's a big fan (me not so much- but I'll talk about anything). Then of course we talk kids. She has a nine year old daughter and she asked if "this one" (my obvious pregnant belly even at 14 weeks) is my first.

I love this next part. I really do. It is such a cookie cutter conversation that I love dearly. Here is how it went (and normally goes):

Her: So is this your first baby?
Me: Ha! Um.. no. I have a two and half year old and a one and a half year old at home.
Her: And one on the way? (I guess the shock is overriding the obvious aforementioned belly).
Me: Yep! And none were actually planned. And this is actually my fourth pregnancy. We miscarried in October.
Her: Wow! (a little disbelief in the "wow") so is this "it."
Me: (here I always assume "the last baby") *chuckle* I sure hope not! (wait for it.. ..wait...)
Her: *obvious chuckle* with that "you're obviously insane" look in her eye
Me: My husband says he wants four. Me, I will take what ever he'll let me have and not loose his sanity over. they are hard work, but such blessings, I want a house full.
Her: Oh really? So what does you husband do for living?

*Pause* This is the part of the conversation that I truly love because I get to explain a lot about Christ and it is done very casually and somewhat covertly (not that that is my intention.. to be covert)

Me: Well he is an RNFA at UAB Hospital. Basically he is an RN First Assistant that gets to assist the surgeon in surgery, not just hand him the instruments. I mean its not a doctor's salary but the neat thing is that we have never gone without. Even with adding more children. God has always provided everything we NEED. So we get two blessings: a full house and the assurance that God gives us exactly what we need.
Her: Well.. that's good.

Then the rest is me asking questions about her life and how much her husband makes per year.. just kidding. My point is this. the growing majority of our culture is so turned off to "large families." They are an expensive inconvenience to most people. But God sees it differently. "blessed is the man who's quiver is full of them.' I love that. That isn't a mandate on number! I will make that very clear. You do not have to have more than X to have a full quiver. I believe it is a position of the heart. How you value the ones you have. And that doesn't mean that we get to have everything we want. There are certainly things we sacrifice to keep having children. But we wouldn't change a thing. I guess all this to say: I love when people ask me about my view on children without really asking me that directly. And no worries.. I am upfront to explain that is very difficult and there are days when I would like to just get away.. but in the questions she was asking I only see an opportunity to give glory to God for his provision and the little blessings he has entrusted us with.

Oh and i love my pedicure.


-C said...

This made me smile. It's amazing what the average American's standards are for "providing for their children" which determines how big their family is. And, when you look at other cultures ... the differences are astounding. We're so spoiled.

alli said...

Ack! I totally forgot to look at your toes tonight!

oh well.

Here's my comment...

It was great seeing you at the meeting.

for real.