Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A week already?

It's hard for me to believe that i haven't blogged in an entire week. And not because of any sicknesses, PTL! We have just been busy.

A wonderfully kind lady has volunteered to make invitations for my neighborhood Bible Study. She is a SAHM and does invites and jewelry on the side. So please check her out. She is very creative. Anyhoo.. The date for the study has been moved back to April 7th. I am really excited to hand out the invitations and talk to my neighbors face to face. I have also had several people *warn* me not to get discouraged if noone shows up the first time. Which I am completely okay with. I consider this a mission field and I am sure there are thousands of missionaries that can testify that they did not get immediate response when they began their missions either.

On a sad note.. my next door neighbors Rob and Jen are moving. Well no "For Sale" sign yet. But after a phone conversation yesterday she relayed to me that they are actively looking for a bigger house. So here is my "Ode to Rob and Jen (with Miller and Mary Margaret)." (Jen is a silent stalker of my blog.. you know you are girl.. she reads all the time, so she says, but never comments.. AH HA unless.. Jen is "anonymous." .. Naaah.)

(she's never been one for decorating.. I've never really liked her blue walls in her living room.. J/k this is at Pump it UP for Jorge's Birthday party).

1. Thank you Jen for being my supermarket. You are more convenient than Foodworld. My meals have been blessed by your curry powder and cream of chicken. I can only hope the new neighbors understand that they need to be readily available to provide me the groceries that I need.. last minute.
2. Thank you Rob that you answered my desperate cry from my front door.. ran to my house only to find that I needed you to oversee my two sons (who were both crying bc of fighting with each other) while I ran to the bathroom to throw up! (pregnancy related). You handled it as only a great man would who has been there with his own wife.
3. Thank you Miller for all your wonderful conversation starters (he's five, right?) most of which begin with "Hey Mrs. Rachel.. Guess What?" Sometimes I can hear him speaking to me before I ever see where he actually is. Very cute.
4. Thank you Mary Margaret for your timely entertainment at 3:15 everyday Monday-Friday, when your bus arrives from school. Jorge will stop what he is doing and run to the window to see "May Mayget" get off the bus.
5. And it wouldn't be a true tribute without thanking Flash, the family dog. Ah Flash. thank you for the protection you have offered our family by warning of of possible intruders, dogs in other yards and for your warning me not to bother with my crying children. No lie.. Flash has barked at me several times if I have to "pop" my child while playing in the back yard. If they start to cry .. Flash starts barking at ME. Awesome.

I know you have been in your house for nine years.. but its only been almost two years that we have been neighbors. You guys are awesome and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!


Missy said...

OOH...Maybe Rob and Jen can come be my neighbors! They sound fun and helpful.

alli said...

I KNOW THAT LADY! Andrew and Grace went to Mother's Day out where she teaches. She is sooo sweet and cute! And, my son absolutely loves her son, Miller! He STILL talks about Miller!

He's a cutie! And, she always dressed real stylish.

What a weird and small world.