Saturday, September 6, 2008

Random post with random photos

So I am a little sleepy today.  Several people have commented that I must be so tired because of the baby confusing night and days.  But the truth is... Eva just sleeps all day and night.  Well of course she eats every three hours but so far has not stayed awake at night.  I just get tired from being awake to feed her in the middle of the night.  

Then last night she pulled a trick out of the bag.  She would not eat.  Every time I put her to breast she would scream, bob her head as if she were directionally challenged and get angry.   this cycle went on for the better part of an hour until around 1 a.m.  And not only was she not going to eat.. she was wide awake.  I guess because she was still hungry and waiting for me to fix that problem.  But I was clueless.  I just held her in any way that worked.  We both got to sleep at around 2 a.m .  Anyway, she is much better today.  Happy to nurse and sleeping as usual.  And my awesome hubby watched all three while I took a nap this morning.  I sure am going to miss him come Monday.  

I do have a "busy" week this week.  But I am so excited about it.. the whole being by myself thing.  I want to see how I handle it all.  My husband has pampered me so much and allowed me to rest and stay off my feet, etc.  So I will certainly miss the special treatment but I do want to see how I handle being by myself with all three. Not sure when we will visit Chickfila  I'm sure it wont be too long.. I did the same thing when I went from one to two kids.. I was nervous for about a month and then I ventured out.  I think it will be much sooner this time around.  And the boys start school next week (Thursday).. so that should be interesting.  they will be going Monday's and Thursday's.  I'm sure that will be a whole separate blog. 

Well enough of this random post.. now onto some random photos... 

We went to visit Dad Terry at his office on 280.  My husband cut off Jorgito's head.  And I forgot to open the sling to show Eva.  Oh well.. 

Rachel holding Eva while Jorge gives her a kiss.

The boys playing with the trains.. this of course turns ugly.  bc as you can see Jorge is taking them from Alex. 

Eva wearing a dress for the first time. 

Daddy and daughter matching in their pink outfits.  

Precious angel.. so cute. 


Anonymous said...

Is the train picture from tonight? (because those are the pjs I put on Alex.) That's the only thing Alex and Fritz "fought" over earlier...the red James train. Oops, maybe I should have taken it and hidden it. Fritz was upset that I couldn't make it work. He said, "Mama, go get battery." I had to explain 100 times that "I don't know where Aunt Rachel keeps her batteries," and that I couldn't fix it.

I'm glad I got to see Eva wearing a dress for the first time. I love it, and I love her! She is so precious! I'm sorry we had to run. Fritz was falling apart. We'll come play next week!

Oh, and thanks for the helado! It's delicious!

Jaci Spain said...

Oh my gosh...I LOVE the dress! And she has beautiful skin!

Rachel said...

1. I remember a few frustrating nursing experiences like that. YUCK!! And as if there isn't enough already to make a new mommy emotional. . .waking up in the middle of the night, the nuclear hormonal bomb that is childbirth, then add a screaming and un-nursing child. . . well those times just got the best of me.

2. I _LOVE_ the baby sling - how stylish is that?!?!?

3. Cute pink matching outfits! She is adorable!