Thursday, October 22, 2009

in case you were wondering..

we are still here.  

boys are doing great.  Eva is becoming miss independent.. which makes me sad. 

The baby is still growing in my belly.  And it apparently has HUGE problems with my favorite guilty pleasure: Taco Bell.  Yes, I ate that "junk."  but about three hours later I threw it up and therefore can guarantee that I will not be eating it again for a very loooooong time.  The same thing happened to another food item when I was preggers with Eva.  

We are going camping next weekend for Reformation weekend.  Annual trip.  Lots of fun.  Last year I had an almost two month old baby.  This year I have an almost three month baby (in the womb).. how's that for irony.  

Getting excited about my own birth since I've been meeting with mommies recently about their own births.  so that's fun.  

well i will stop with the update.  My sister Mishka is on her way to my house and I still need to do some cleaning.. just for the house to be destroyed by six kids 7 yrs old and under.  fun times!! 


Rachel said...

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!!!

Marie said...

Love hearing about your family. How 'bout some new pics of the kids?