Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overwhelmed by 2!

My sweet girl, Eva Isabel, you are 2 years old today.

You share this day with another of my favorite girls, your Aunt Mishka. I love that you both have the same birthday.

Eva you are such a joy to me in so many ways. While you are insanely mischievous (just like your oldest brother Jorge was) you are just too cute to be "mad" at. Already by 2 you have.. had me call Poison control twice, you had a stint of taking off your diaper at every turn, hid my cell phone many times (after you manage to turn it off), played happily in my laundry detergent and dumped it all over the laundry room floor, climbed up onto the top bunk of the boys bed (and demand that I come get you, every.single.time) and tormented your brothers in special ways that only you can.

But oh sweet girl, you have way more sweetness in that little petite body than you could ever have "trouble." When your brothers come out of the bathroom from getting discipline, you are standing at the door and open your arms and say, "uh huuug."

You love to sing songs. Your favorites include:
-itsy bitsy spider, Jesus loves Me, God is so good, and "Happy" as you say (If you are happy and you know it).

You light up every room you walk in to. You say "Hey" with a big smile to anyone you come in contact with. You give orders better than anyone. You are talking way earlier than your smart brothers did. Every day you amaze me with what you know. In fact, just yesterday you got upset when I said you couldn't have any more "candy." And you said, "Mommy. Meeean." That, you got from your brothers ("You being mean").

Your brothers adore you. They share their toys better with you than they do with each other. And your little brother already adores you too. You love your "Ikick" and give him tons of slobbery kisses.

Well as we joke that we have 3 boys and a family idol.. we do know that you are so special to have. You bring so much to our family and we are thankful that God gave you to us. I love you sweet girl.

Kisses and squeeze hugs.

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Jaci Spain said...

Happy Birthday Sweet & Adorable Eva!!! Can't believe you are ALREADY 2:(