Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Apparently, I stress you out.

So I went to walmart to do a map.

Yes, a map. Of what was on each aisle, by number. This isn't what my post is about. But I thought it would be interesting to tell you. I did the map so that when I go grocery shopping with all four of my wild ones, I will know which aisle my items are on and not forget things (that are even on my list) because I don't want to go ALL the way on the other side of the store to get it.


As I was exiting the store I was getting quite the chuckle from the kids. I was wearing Isaac and holding Eva's hand. She was supposed to hold Alex's hand who was holding Jorge's hand. Got the mental picture??

Well, Eva thought it was fun to keep snatching her hand away from Alex. And every time he would "scold" her, she would just get more and more tickled. It made for a fun walk to the car. Seriously, I loved seeing Alex try to "help" Eva. I wanted to see how he would solve the problem. (which he was gaining no ground on, btw).

So when we got to the van I just said, "Alex, we are here now. Go ahead and get in the van. I have her hand." He was saying something to me when a woman, parked across from me (who had apparently watched us from the time we left the store) came up to me and said, "ma'am, can I help you please?"

That sounds nice enough when I type it, but let me give you an idea of her tone (which says everything). You know when you are so tired of seeing your kids do something that is irritating the fire out of you and you just want them to hurry up already? You then look frustratingly at them and say, "Can I help you PLEASE?"

that was her tone. I seriously think she thought I was in over my head. But we were just laughing it up. Well, all but Alex.

The rest of us were seeing the humor in the situation and this lady, I assume, had had enough. Of what? Im not exactly sure. But it came across in her tone. To which I replied, "Oh no, we are great here. Just having fun. thank you though."

I think she wasn't happy with that response. Because, apparently, we stress people out.


Greta said...

She just couldn't take it anymore, huh? Hahaha!
Love the new pics by the way.

Sandy said...

You are so much nicer than I would have been! For me, that would be motivation to hang out and see how many more people I could irritate!

Jaci Spain said...

Wow...People can be so rude! I hate when I am trying to put the kids in the car and someone is waiting for my parking spot and staring/glaring me down while I do it! I get so stressed out about it, but it's like if you want to sit there and wait you can do that, but I am going to make sure my kids are safely buckled before leaving this spot...SHEESH!

Rachel said...

People never cease to amaze me. Wow.

Sarah said...

What stands out to me in this is that *you* weren't stressed, *she* was. If anyone's going to be stressed, let it be a stranger, not Mom.

Good for you.