Thursday, December 16, 2010

My life just got way easier..

It's been documented that I love my Moby wrap.. but my Isaac is quite the porker and i need a little extra support. To my rescue: The Ergo Baby Carrier.

He loves it!!

and so does she!!

In fact it holds up to 40 lbs so technically Jorge and Alex can get in it too.

It does a hip hold and a front hold. I seriously love it! I think every one should have one. it made cooking dinner so much easier tonight. I look forward to a long life with this thing!


Heather said...

Can't wait to see it in action in Wal-Mart :) You are a terrific Mama. . . . Merry Christmas to your whole crew!

Abby said...

I just started using the Ergo.. LOVE it. I've only used the front and hip carry.. Can't wait to do try the back!