Monday, December 6, 2010

SAHM meets BPWNET...

Stay at home mom meets Big Passion With Not Enough Time..

Original, I know.

I have a huge passion for being a doula. A door that opened in ways and in a time in my life that is hard to comprehend sometimes.

I also have a major passion for being a stay at home mom.

I am having to learn it's okay to love both. But only one trumps the other. (thankfully, God is working out the kinks). And I know there will always be births. But there will not always be these years with my kids.

Not trying to compare the two. Just trying to allow myself the freedom to enjoy the doula work, but to also not let it consume me right now.

Make sense? No?

Didn't expect it to.. just thinking out loud.

Night. ;-P


Greta said...

I'm glad you're balancing them :).

Sarah said...

Yes, you make sense. You're so right: little ones are not little for long, and they will need us less and less in years to come.

Enjoy Birth said...

It is important to balance and remember there is a season for everything. Right now you need to focus on being a mom and that is great! There will be years and years after they get big. I see that more clearly now that my oldest is almost 13, only 5-6 more years until he heads to college. That is crazy! Time flies by. Don't' worry your passion will simmer and one day you will have a chance to act on it with more time!