Thursday, April 12, 2012

Losing It!!

So the before pic was in November of 2011. The "almost there" was taken today (4/11/12) in my first size SMALL shirt that I've purchased since before the birth of my fourth child almost 2 years ago.

I have been working out almost everyday. Eating well and keeping track of it all with the app "Lose It." I love that app. But most of all I love making working out part of my regular life. A "lifestyle" change.

I've lost 9.5 lbs (to date) and one pant size. And my current jeans are falling as well. Good progress.

But for the record.. all you busy moms out there. I will NOT say how "just getting started is the key." I WILL tell you the things I have skipped out on in order to make this my goal:

*My routine is shot. I go to the gym in the morning for two hours. 1 1/2 hrs to work out and 30 minutes to shower before I pick up the kids. We get home and do lunch, naps for the younger two and then rush through as much school as possible with my oldest.
*Errands don't happen unless at night. I try not to skip my workouts (Muscle on M-W-F, Spinning/cardio on T-Th) and therefore I don't get to run a lot of errands until when I am most tired..evenings.
*laundry. I haven't given up laundry as much as it's just not always folded. The kids need underwear? they go look in the basket. It's a given.
*My house is not tidy. Not that it ever was. But with us gone in the mornings it's not like we can wreck it any more. But the point is that housework isn't top of list.

Bottomline: I am not superwoman. And I have not managed to "balance" it all. No one can. So please know.. it comes at a sacrifice to something. For a small time.

Once I reach my goal I will be able to back off the everyday routine and settle into a 3-4 times a week routine. My hubby knows that this is my goal and he encourages me.. also knowing that some of the things that we are used to as a family (clean underwear in drawers) is something that everyone else pitches in on.

And I'm very happy with that.


Greta said...

Again, so super proud of you!
I know you feel great and you look great too :).

Rachel said...

Congratulations!! You look awesome!!