Friday, May 11, 2012

The personalities of my kids observed at the park..

You can tell a lot about a child by observing them at the playground.  

Here is my clan and the pics to show my research: 

Here you have my first born son, Jorge.  He will 7 in June and is our natural born INTROVERT.  When he enters any situation he has to assess first.  And then he typically decides he would rather play by himself (unless his brother, Alex, is available).  He enjoys doing things that could get him hurt. 

Here you can observe my second born son, Alex.  He is 5.  And is our resident EXTROVERT.  Never meets a stranger and typically makes a friend within the first two minutes.  He is very good at asking what other kids would like to play and can corral a group to play together (he does have those gorgeous blue eyes).  He can also woo any girl no matter the age (as seen below).  

Here is my baby girl, Eva.  She is 3 (will be 4 in August).  Because she is the only girl, she does have a  bit of firstborn INTROVERT in her.  And she much prefers being "the momma" to the little ones.  You can bet that once she has arrived at a park she will have located a "baby" within minutes and will be "helping" him/her as any good mother would.  Otherwise, she tends to play in the dirt, by herself. 

Here is the monkey.   The "baby" of the family.  He turns 2 tomorrow.  And it shows.  Hard to know for sure, but I am pretty sure he is already an EXTROVERT.  He loves men.  He will reach to be picked up by a man WAY before a lady can woo him (unless she has food).  He enjoys hitting, laughing and making momma have a heart attack.  Not sure what personality trait that is, but I am hoping the hitting stops.  

I truly have had to chill out with my introvert"ed" children and let them be.  I used to think I had to make them like me: "Eva.. why don't you go play with that girl over there?"  "Jorge, that boy looks like he'd like to play with you.."  But then I realized that 1) it NEVER works and 2) they are who they are and that is so not like me OK.  They are social, and when they are comfortable they will interact as they feel the desire.

I have truly seen them deepen who they are because I'm not so pushy anymore. I enjoy watching how differently God made my kids and I really do want to learn how to support them better in developing their own personalities.


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Sandy said...

I found something floating around Pinterest not too long ago that said "How to Care for Introverts" and I have seriously considered having that simple list of 10 things printed on a card to give to people, but with the title changed to "ways you can love me well". It's pretty clear that this list was written for the parents of introverted children, but I still find all the things applicable to my life as an introverted adult! If you haven't seen that list, I strongly recommend it to you!