Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun at the Zoo!

I was sick yesterday and it was not a good day.   So when I woke up this morning feeling so much better, I knew that i needed to take the boys out for some fun.   So we set out early for the Zoo (to avoid the heat).  My friend Christy met us there (she has a sweet 10 week old girl, Ana Elizabeth) and then we went to Chickfila for lunch.  Here are some pics of the boys at the Zoo.  I have noticed that my picture taking abilities have slacked off since I've been pregnant, or maybe since I've had more than one child.  I just seem to point the camera and click hoping that something cute comes out of it.  In other words, some of these pics aren't the best quality.. oh well.  at least I attempted.  ;-)

The boys were "running" with the little bobcat as he paced at the window.  They loved it!

Up close with the tiger.  His head was as big as my child.  A little frightening.  ;-)

Waiting for the train to "start."  This was the first time that Alex rode beside me on the train and not in my lap.. he's becoming so big.  

Jorge will never look directly into the camera.. and Alex always has his thumb in his mouth.  And that lady in the middle has a huge growth in her middle area!

I was so glad that our morning turned out so well.  The boys did a great job of obeying as we walked around.  Alex is getting better at being "voice operated."  Although you can tell that we haven't done very much play time outside this summer (eh hem.. mom is pregnant and doesnt like to be hot) because as soon as 10:30 hit Jorge started saying, "mommy, I hot."  Poor little spoiled child.   :-)  Next summer it will be better.  they will have to have more play time outside.  

Here are pictures of my new nephew's dedication at my sister-in-law's church.  

Again.. a little blurry.. (from left to right) Pastor Byron, Jeremy 11, Joshua 13, Kevin-baby, Veronica, Ernesto.  Notice the age difference between the baby and Jeremy.  Suprise baby!

Everyone except Martha (Big Jorge's mom).  that's my husband brother on the far right, Antonio.  Oh and Cecy's husband Ciro wasn't able to be there so he isn't pictured. 

And finally.. some cute pics of the boys doing what they do best!  

Alex has his big brother pinned...
and he does it again.. Jorge thinks its hilarious....
Alex thinks its hilarious.. he is able to pin down his big brother... but then....
Big brother WILL get the last word and remind him who is truly bigger!  

Ahhh.. boys. 


Rachel said...

Cute! I took the very same pics last week of Ali and Hannah - in front of the Tiger (RIGHT at the glass!), and running with the Bobcat! Favorite Zoo activity, I suppose!!

Missy said...

YEs, that tiger does have an element of scariness that Mammas get when our children are only seperated by a piece of glass!

Fun days though. Glad you got to have an outing with your boys before the BIG DAY!