Saturday, August 30, 2008

"So how do the boy's like their new sister?"

He hugged her on his own (i.e. we didn't tell him to). 

After eating he came over to check on Eva "mommy, she sleeping."

Notice the little hand to the right.  That's Alex.  He was putting the blanket on her while Jorge was holding her.  

I love seeing the boys interact with her.  They love her and aren't bothered, so far, by her crying.  I was concerned that Alex may get jealous when I fed her or had to hold her but he hasn't even made one negative reaction. When she cries Jorge will run over to her and say, "It's okay Eva."  Today he also wanted to know if she could have a donut.  Noone  was eating donuts, mind you,  but he said he would like her to have one.  He also likes to go and get her a toy.  He has even offered to share some of his favorites with her.  A gesture he doesn't even do with his brother!  

So suffice it to say, these boys are loving their little sister.  Praise the Lord.  


Rachel said...

How adorable!!!! It is so great to see them so excited for and loving of their new little sister!!!

Greta said...

That is tooo sweet (sweet AND precious). I hope Sam gets a little sister (eventually) to be so sweet to!

Missy said...

I was wondering about them...glad to see they are so happy! I know they will grow to be great protectors. Big brothers are the greatest!!!

Michelle said...

So precious.

Dollar General said...

She is a beautiful baby...I love her lips first of all then the hair is so cute and her skin color is beautiful! VERY SWEET! I'm glad the boys love her! Who can't love a baby!

Abbey said...

When we brought Wilson home (our 3rd) I was anxious too about reactions... but everyone was so natural and erady to love & help.
God prepares even our little ones for their siblings. It's so sweet!
She's beautiful!!!