Sunday, August 24, 2008

In keeping with full disclosure...

Since so many of you are interested in this process that is my "labor" I must post exactly how I feel at this moment.  I must stress that although this is my third birth, this is only my first time to labor on my own (without induction).   Well that is, until Tuesday.  My blood sugar numbers and insulin intake, just today, was proof as to why Eva will need to be taken early.  

Anyway.. I haven't so much as pooped once since drinking the castor oil.  But then at 3 pm today I had, for 5 hours, contractions that were exactly 8 minutes apart.  On the dot.  Well an occasional 4 minutes apart thrown in the mix.  It didn't matter whether I was sitting, standing, laying down, they persisted.  

Then as quickly as they appeared..they stopped.  Or went to 20 minutes apart at 8 p.m.  I am sure there are hundreds of women that groan on my behalf as they remember going through the same thing.  So I must say how discouraged I am and how frustrating this process is.  I don't think I mentally prepared enough for the emotional roller coaster natural labor is.  I do not wish to hear anymore... "she'll come when she is ready."  I know that.  I don't want to hear "your body IS working..its just warming up."  I don't know what I want to hear..wait yes I do.. I want to hear the words coming out of my own mouth : Honey my water just broke.  Or Honey..this one really really hurts.  I have never wanted pain so bad in my life.  

Full disclosure, right?  I am mad.  That's it.  At a time when I should be happy.  I am mad.  That's the ugly truth.  5 hours.  FIVE HOURS and then bam.. stop. You have to admit that is pretty frustrating.  

Either way she is coming out on Tuesday even if I have to reach in there and grab her myself. 


Abbey said...

Girl, have yourself a nice enema before you go to bed. I took one the night before I was induced with Wilson (only to save myself any uneccessary embarrassment) and it started my labor. I was contracting by midnight. Pleasant? Nope. Work for me? Yep! :) Sorry for the TMI!
Hoping & praying all goes well!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear this frustrating news! I am praying something kicks in very soon to get you going consistent and hard (of course, only because that's what you want, not because I want you to be in pain!). Can you drink more castor oil? Or would it do anything?

-C said...

Um, I would have been at the hospital by now. Five hours of contractions just 8 minutes apart ... break your water ... you're done. Hang in there. You're doing marvelous. Emotions are all part of the process ... happy, mad, and ugly.

Missy said...

Well, I just typed out this really long funny story about what is hopefully happening right now, and dangit, there was an error.
Just suffice it to say, my story involved high speed, police officers, and donuts! Oh and you glistening only, with a new baby girl in your arms!!!
Praying for you :)

Natalie said...

I won't go into my experience here as it would be discouraging.
I believe you are prepared for this emotionally but at the same time you were not expecting to be at 5 cm for 3 days straight...who EVER expects that?
That said, I can't wait to see her sweet little face when I come up to the hospital THIS WEEK!!!! to see you and that precious little girl!
Praying for the pain, girl!


Greta said...

Hopefully it won't come to reaching in to pull her out ;).