Monday, June 8, 2009

if you still exist..

My readers, that is.  I am not sure that anyone follows this blog anymore.  Alas, I still write.  

Life has been wild.  

-VBS last week.  I taught the 4 year olds.  Nuff said. 

-Alex had a 24 hour hunger strike.  He refused a "no thank you" bite (merely, a bite that my children must take of their food before they are allowed to tell me they don't want any of it).  He didn't eat dinner and then that next a.m before he could have his breakfast, he was offered the bite (of chicken).  He refused.  Onto VBS we went.  He was not allowed anything..not so much as an animal cracker unless he ate his "bite."  He refused.  Lunch.  Nope.  Then dinner.  After three times of offering him the bite.. he caved.  What did he say upon eating the "no thank you bite?"  "mmm.. dis good."  Little stinker.  Then he devoured everything in sight.  

-Jorge turns 4 on Wednesday and his party will be Saturday.  Post on that later. after I get pics. 

Other than that I am just dealing with the typical mother issues.  (um.. read here: sin). God is really dealing with me.  Quite overwhelming.  But good.  

On that note, my kitchen, laundry, kids and crazy busy life is calling.. 


andria said...

We dealt with a similar "hunger strike" last week with our youngest. Can't believe just how long a child will go without food, quite an act of pure will.

Missy said...

Good for you hanging in their with the bite of food!
I'm sure everyone at VBS thought you were cra-aazy!

emily said...

How old were your kids when you started the "no thank you" bites? I'm wondering how much and when to insist with mine...

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

Missy-actually everyone I talked to said "good for you." but who knows if that's what they really thought. ;-)

Emily- I can't remember by what age.. but Alex was definitely 2 when we started and in fact Eva was a new born when we had the first battle. So that would put him at 23-24 months. So for sure by the time they are two. but before that I definitely started the "kitchen is closed" philosophy.. meaning, if you didn't like it then you could be excused but I was NOT going to make something else. but i generally have something on the plate that I know they WILL eat.. like a little bit of fruit.