Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ode to Jorge Emanuel...

It's 8:35 on June 1oth and we were about 25 minutes away from meeting little Jorge, just four short years ago.  

Oh the excitement in the room.. is it a boy or a girl?  We had outfits for both.  We had decorations for both.. then at 9 p.m that little body popped out and daddy yelled in such excitement: "Its a BOY!"  He truly was surprised and thrilled.  

Jorge, you are a treasure.  You are a wonderful son: very thoughtful, considerate and smart as a whip.  You are a wonderful big brother: you share, you protect and you get mommy diapers for your siblings (you are even good at getting pj's for Alex).  

You love routines and your chore chart.  You love to do Bible Time and are often having to remind mommy that it is, in fact, time to do Bible Time.  You confess your sin when questioned about it and you are tender toward the Law of God.  I am praying that the Law, as it is your tutor, leads you to a relationship with the giver of that law and thus leading you to a life of Grace in our Lord Jesus Christ.  

You amaze me little man at what a delight you are.  God placed you in our family in a specific role and for a specific purpose.  I am so honored to be your mother.  And besides all your protest one day you will thank me that I tell you that you can not marry your brother, that God wants you to marry a godly girl and that in fact, girls are not dangerous.  (yes, my son says girls are dangerous).  

I love you baby ("mommy, I not a baby.  I spiderman").. and one day when you can understand this ode, I know you will appreciate it. 

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Giann said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I enjoy reading your blog!

Btw, I am Ruth's friend!