Friday, June 19, 2009

Like little drops of .. EVA

My husband has been known to give his sons little spoonfulls of his coffee.  To which he always says, "mmmm.. like little drops of heaven."  One day Jorgito said, "No daddy, it's like little drops of Eva."  Awwwww.. so now that is what we say when we want to describe something that is just heavenly.  ;-)  Thus these photos.. 

She is a ham for her mommy.. 

It is important to keep your babies hydrated. 

Also important to let them fall asleep on their own.. even if means they do it sitting up.  (don't worry she could breathe just fine.  And after the quick photo shoot, I placed her in a much more comfortable position). 

Again with the hydration, babies will pour water from a cup right into their mouth.. and not know how to swallow it correctly.  Note to self: don't give Eva the cup ever again. 

Now for a cute story in pictures. 

Alex found a new "friend," the rock.  He loved this rock.  He liked to play hide and seek with the rock.. 

First, hide the rock in an undisclosed location.. 

Search, discretely for the rock.. 

Really, now, where is that rock?? 

Should be able to get it now for sure.. 

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Rachel said...

niiiiice. . . as if little boys don't dig around in their pants enough. :)