Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not much else..

Well after announcing baby #4 is on the way.. 

there really isn't anything left to say.  Im sick. And tired.. LOL.  

What else is new, huh? My first dr's appt is Oct 1st.  So that should be fun. (sigh).  But I do love my doctor.. its the every month thing that drives me nuts.  Im one of those that toward the end when they want you to come in every week I say, "my husband can take my bp at home and I'll call you if I have any concerns."  

Thankfully, my doc gives grace in that area.  He may not see me at all until the due month.  LOL. 

Im such a rebel.  ;-)


Greta said...

If you're a rebel, I'm a nerd. Although I can see, with subsequent children, feeling differently.

With Sam, I was psyched to go to each appt. b/c it meant the time for him to come was getting closer. Plus, I wasn't working so it gave me something to do. Sad, right?

With Grey, I still enjoyed going although it got to be a pain having someone watch Sam or come with me to handle him and all his energy.

I do not think I'll look forward to them if we have a third.

Natalie said...

Nah, not a rebel, because that would make me one too!
I just want to know what they think they can tell you at each appointment after all the "necessary" stuff has been done? I actually asked a doctor this once and she just stared at me with a blank look. Yeah, never saw her again... :)

Leslie said...

Seems like I already said it but if not, congratulations! What fun...I can say now that I'm on the other side. :) I know your pregnancies are of concern for you (health wise) so whenever I think of you I will be praying for you in that regard. I just can't imagine 4 as close together as yours are! My 6, 4, 2 and 7mo. are challenging. Blessing to your and your family and may God's grace pour out on you in full measure over these next 15 months (bc it doesn't end at birth! it just begins!!:).

Jodi said...

I was just thinking the same thing last night!