Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bye bye anonymous.

Sorry to my readers who use the anonymous option to enter your comments. I don't have a problem with allowing people to use it, but apparently I have been getting a flood of spam comments (including pornography links) and therefore have to sacrifice true comments to keep those nasty ones out.

If anyone knows a way around this, let me know.



Giann said...

This is Giann, Ruth's friend, and you can still have anonymous comments just have the word verification or moderate them. That is what I do.

Rachel said...

(raising my hand)

There's a "Moderate Comments" option where you can moderate any posts over a certain number of days old. Since most spam comments come on old blog posts, that prevents 99% of spam, without having to use word verification or do away with anonymous. I can't TELL you how happy I was when I found this. It's under Settings --> Comments.