Tuesday, March 30, 2010

feeling a bit.. blah..

Everyone gets to that week in pregnancy where you just feel blah, right?

Maybe it's just me. I have my days and this evening was one of them. i just enter a blah land and pass through the time on auto pilot. I also look around my house and see the 50 million things I'd like to get done and then get a tad bit overwhelmed.

For instance:
-my ceiling fans DESPERATELY need to be cleaned.
-the chairs and table need a thorough wipe down. the top of the table is clean but not the sides, under the the top (make sense?).
-I need to mop all the house.
-I need to dust everything.
-I tried looking in the attic for the boys summer clothes but couldn't find them (way too much stuff up there).
-I need/want a pedicure.

I'll feel better tomorrow.

I am going to pick up a box of my baby boy (newborn size) clothes from a relative who borrowed them. That will help me feel like I am getting something accomplished. And yes, I know, I am only 34 weeks (on Thursday).. but for some reason the nesting is coming early this time. My guess is it's the whole limbo of not knowing when the house will sell.

Anyway, random post for ya here. Just feeling blah this evening. Looking forward to a new day tomorrow. I'll let you know if anything on that list gets accomplished. ha!


Lindsay said...

I get that feeling fairly often and I'm not even pregnant. Does having two kids under two qualify as a good excuse? No? Bummer.

Missi said...

hey... did you get my fb message?? ;)