Monday, March 15, 2010

Falling way behind..

I feel like I might not catch up for a little while.

But only as it relates to my doula birth stories. I just had another birth on Saturday and still have to write the birth story from two weeks ago. And of course, the one from Saturday.

This past birth was my last Brookwood client until next year (?). Because my last client, due next month, is at Trinity. Then I will give birth at Brookwood. Its such a bitter sweet thing. Of course its sweet that I am going to have my baby soon. But bitter that there are so many moms that I would love to be helping over the next year. But alas, it will be much easier to start back doula'ing when Isaac is weaned. Watch him be the first child to actually decide to go longer than 11 months. ;-)

Speaking of Isaac, I saw him today. On an ultrasound of course. Measuring beautifully and I saw his sweet little face. Every day I get more and more anxious to hold him, nurse him and just cuddle him until I just have to go to sleep. And then I'll just snuggle him right on my chest and go soundly to sleep! ;-P

Before I go I want to tell you that i have a lot on my mind about this past year of doula'ing and am excited about writing a blog about the things i learned this year. Practical stuff that you can only learn with experience. I feel i need to write them down soon so that I can document all of it. Good stuff.

Well i better go. Got to get little ones ready for naps. And while I am NOT little, I will be napping too! ;-P

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Sarah said...

I understand your sweet sorrow at saying goodbye to attending births for awhile. And as to the weaning thing, last summer, I planned to get Lasik surgery for my horrid eyesight (I am legally blind, if you must know!) since my other two weaned at a little over a year, and what do you know, but my youngest (21 mo) is just NOW weaning herself, and I'm prego again, so Lasik will wait till I'm probably done having children. Sad, because it would be so nice to be able to get up with a newborn at night and not *have* to put glasses on, just to see the clock 3 feet away.

Oh, well. These sacrifices are worth it. I am glad to have had that many more months of nurishing and comforting my baby!

I'm glad you're so excited about your little boy's arrival. I'm getting there, too. :)