Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

Sorry my blog friends.. blogging is not up on the list for me right now. But I'm sure that's understandable.

It's not for lack of material to write about. In fact, just the opposite. At least once a day I think, "wow, I would really like to blog about that." Mainly things that I am thinking, chewing on, pondering and would like to "hash out." But alas, the time escapes me. Or better yet, is better spent reading a book on the couch with one of my kiddos.

But since I had every intention of going to bed early tonight (i.e between feedings) and my little bambino is unsettled, I decided to crack open the computer (not literally, of course). but no worries about Isaac, he is happily swinging in his swing, not sleeping deeply mind you.

It's funny, actually, that I really do wish I could blog more. I always seem to get very reflective when I have a newborn. I slow down long enough, from the recouping from delivery and the taking care of a baby, to really have some time to think on things. Also, being given another little life to be accountable for is quite humbling and makes me long to do things better. Therefore, I take a good bit of time taking "inventory."

That inventory list is the material that I would like to "hash out" in blog. God is showing me a lot right now. Teaching me alot about Himself and His desire for my life and for our family. Lots of good stuff. So hopefully I can get it to you (if you care to read about it) soon.

Until then, my little guy is now grunting and protesting the swing. So it's time to cuddle and I need my hands for that. ;-)

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