Saturday, June 26, 2010


Isaac is 6 weeks old and 14 lbs. He is a cute chunk.


Greta said...

I just love fat babies.

Sarah said...

Rachel, Precipitous, no. But people at church keep telling me that I had a 2-hour labor (it was 12 start-to-finish). I'll be posting the birth story sooner rather than later to clear up what actually happened that day. The problem with prodromal labor is that it has the effect of lulling one into a "baby's not coming anytime soon" attitude, and that's what happened here. Having contractions start around 3 a.m. and generally being about 4-7 minutes apart and 2 minutes long did not convince me it would turn into birth, so I went on with my day and by the time I realized I would actually give birth TODAY, we were practically done. I was having to work with close and demanding contractions all day. But it wasn't the first time they'd showed up like that, and I didn't expect it to be the last :) God was gracious to work everything out like He did. It was a WONDERFUL birth, and I'm so glad for every aspect of it. Can't wait to tell more!