Monday, June 14, 2010

Whats up? come and see..

Crazy. I tell ya. Crazy. That's what's up.

Life with four is no different than life with three. It's the "having a newborn" that is the adjustment.

I've gotten thrush from Isaac (my first child to ever have this, btw) so since my ninnies are raw and bleeding I am pumping and giving the boy a bottle until they recover. Fun times. He likes the bottle so thats a good thing. But I can't wait to be nursing again.

Still don't have a new van since mine died two weeks ago. However, I am thankful for my friend that is letting me use her minivan while she drives her suv.

Our house is off the market. We are good with that. We love the house, we were just hoping for something bigger (than 1300 sq ft). But God has us in the cozy house for His purposes and our sanctification (tight spaces cause that to happen at accelerated rates, btw) and I know there will be many more fun memories made here for however long the Lord has us here.

Here is my "man child" .. before his makeover..

and here he is after..

He loves the Moby Wrap.. and I do too..

Eva liked having him "play" in her bed (really we put him in there and then woke her up from her nap. She didn't know what to do).. "what? Wait, why is he in my bed?"

Okay i gotta go, again.. so more pictures later.


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Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your having thrush, Rachel. I had it w/my 3rd baby, and had none of the "risk" factors. Nystatin cleared her up quickly, but I was a different story. If you find that you're not back to normal quickly, Gentian Violet did the trick for me (only warning is don't get the alcohol-based stuff--SERIOUSLY drying!). We had thrush for a couple months and it felt like our lives revolved around treating it/keeping it at bay that entire time. I feel for you. And I didn't even try pumping (more things to disinfect--What a pain!) Hope you recover quickly!