Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look, It's not like Im a neat FREAK or anything...

Okay friends. I need to clarify.

You guys had some pretty funny comments on my last post. And then after I enjoyed that you guys thought I was a neat freak.. I decided to "come clean."

I enjoy having a "neat" house. But it is not like that all the time.

Here take a look:

this is my dresser in my room. It has been like that for.. hmmm.. three days? Okay.. four.

the clothes on the left are folded clothes for Isaac that should go in the bottom left drawer. But because the boy is growing so fast, I need to take the "too small" clothes out of that drawer and put the new ones in. But that involves organizing. Which I don't want to do right now. So for now, I go in and grab what he needs. Done.

The clothes on the right are mine. Folded. And yes, they need to be put away. ehem.. in the drawer that is open. And yes.. that is a baby scale and a bag of trash on there too.

I could take other pictures of the non-neatness of my house. but I'd rather not make me depressed so that you can feel better about yourself. LOL.

I jest.

My point is this: I am the LAST person that would ever "judge" another person for the appearance of their house. I know first hand, that unless I walk in that persons shoes.. I have no right. Besides, if i do that then I have to put that same standard on myself. And folks.. I'm legalistic enough (on myself) I don't need any more yoke to bear.

But I will say.. once I start cleaning.. watch out. Stay out of my way. Or invite me over to help you. ;-)


Lindsay said...

Oh, I DO feel better :). That's very similar to how my dresser looks (almost all the time.....). Our bedroom draws the short stick on my cleaning priority list since no one sees it but J.C. and I. And sadly, messes don't really bother either one of us. Filth and dirtiness bothers me, but clutter and untidiness - not so much.

Sarah said...

Rachel, I'm sorry to say that while the picture was heartening, the admission of the mess being there a WHOLE FEW DAYS was. . . not.

Again. Please have your problem at my house. This is where I would insert a picture of my bedside dresser with books, dust and whatnot that have been there . . . forever?