Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I lost the fight..and started a blog

Pressure, Pressure. I finally did it. I doubt anyone will read it, but I've started a blog. I have no idea what to type.. I guess that's the point of a blog.. just write what comes to mind. I have terrible spelling abilities and Im not so hot with grammer, so please no rebuke. I am excited because we leave for the beach tomorrow (with the Wendorf's). Of course Miguel and Jorge would start a cough last night, so I am praying that it doesn't turn into croup for Miguel (as all his coughs have in the past).

On a differnt note, the Lord is doing amazing things in and through our family. Jorge and I are enjoying Briarwood and are still praying for where the Lord might have us plug into Ministry. I think that Jorge might work with the boy scout troop that is at Briarwood and I may work in the nursery, which works great since both of mine are in there. I am praying that God would bring me to a place where I could disciple another group of girls, but since the kids I haven't been able to do much of that, consistently at least. My husband and kids are my primary ministry (and keeping a semi-organized house) so my season of life isn't full of extra time for outside commitments, but my heartbeat is for discipleship.

Well I think Miguel is waking up from a nap so I better get going.


-C said...

Hooray for friends who blog ... check the links on mine and you'll find some more friends. :)

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