Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just so exciting

I am so excited to have a blog..or better yet to read all the blogs of gals I haven't connected with in a long time. I am currently sitting on the computer missing my husband who arrived at Yosemite National Park (with Paul Wendorf) earlier this evening. He is there as my present to him for the celebration of his 30th birthday this past February. Well how much can it be "from me" when its his job that paid for it? Ha. My boys are sleeping with less coughing, thank you Lord. Jorge had a temp this am at 4:30 that was 103.4 and Im afraid that Miguel is going to get croup for the third time in a week. That sounds terrible just typing it. yet, I exalt in the Lord. I know He is protecting our family, or allowing His perfect will. Well I guess it wouldn't be either/or. He is glorified by my lack of sleep and sheer exhaustion. I am thankful that Big Jorge is getting the opportunity for a fun, relaxing trip with a guy friend. Sorry this is all a blur. If anyone knows how to add pictures to the sidebar, could you please let me know. Adios.

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