Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update on Miguel

Today was Miguel's appointment with the ENT. He didn't get the Larygnoscopy because Dr. W thought it was unnecessary. Instead, he would like to put him under anesthisia and do a battery of tests. I was not happy with that option considering that it could all come back normal and they say Miguel will outgrow the croup. That was before the Dr called my house tonight. He said that Miguel getting croup every month is not normal and he feels that we should do the "surgery" as they call it. He has to see the xrays that they took today and if they look normal then he definately wants to proceed. however, if we go through the next two months without croup than the Dr. is comfortable holding off. We can't do it until the end of June anyway becuase they don't want steriods in his system for over four weeks in order to the Anesthisia (sp?). Anyhoo, thats what we are praying for: croup free from here on out. Thanks for all your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

oh my's rachel! i've been seeing your comments on other SEBC-ers pages and pondering (furrowed brow...fingers stroking chin) who this was. what a glamorous looking family you have. such cute boys. john and i only have girls (he's so outnumbered). ha. this is erin (by the way). swing by my page sometime. later.