Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quiero mi esposo!

Okay.. mi esposo no esta aqui, pues, necisito hablar con mi higo's en espanol y englais. Pero, es deficle alguna vez porque no puedo hablar en tensos futuro y pasado. Entiendo mucho pero es dificile con testar. Entiendas?
What Im trying to say is that since my husband isn't here I am having to speak more spanish to my boys to make up for his part. He normally does most of the spanish and I do most of the English. I do alright except on verbs in the future or past tenses. I kinda have to spanglish it from there. After four years of marriage, I'd say my spanish is pretty good but not fluent by any means. But I can certainly understand anything you would try to say to me. I know I have been speaking crazy spanish to my toddler today, but its a good thing he understands both languages. But then again, because he is a toddler I can pretty much make the conversation easy. Anyhoo, both of my boys are resisting bed time right now. They are each in their rooms crying. Well Jorge is talking and miguel is crushed that I would leave him, alone. it must be a second child thing because Jorge, for the most part, enjoyed going to bed. Oh well. Tomorrow is the big test with the doctor and Im trying not to be nervous. Big Jorge is the one that would normally help me through the expectations, since he is an RN, but right now he is enjoying hiking Yosemite National Park. He called today, for a quick 6 mintues (no reception out there) and said everything was gorgeous and that he was taking lots of pictures. I just hope he doesn't come across any bears. Well I gotta get cleaning up after a long day. But let me leave you with three new things I learned today:
1. Its much easier to suction a toddlers nose if you literally sit on them. Well on their hands and legs and grab ahold of thier head.
2. Toddlers will try to taste everything, including thier own poop.
3. If a toddler sits on a 7 month old the 7 month old does not think its funny.

All in a days work. Buenos noches.


-C said...

Sounds like you had a very interesting day! :) Love the sitting on toddler thing -- been there. :) Now, if I could just get them to blow!

Michelle said...

Hey! yay, I just found you on here. It's so nice to catch up with what's going on in your life.

Abbey said...

Oh been there with the suction bulb. I think every child's terrified of that thing!
What a great trip for your husband! I would love to go there. Can you post some pics when he gets back for us to enjoy?
Glad you've joined blog world!!