Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Useless jabber.

well.. not much going on here.  I just thought I would post something so you don't have to look at my hubba hubba forever.  I felt well enough to go to Bible study this morning and then we braved Chickfila for some lunch and now the boys are sleeping, well at least Miguel is.  Jorge has gotten in trouble twice for "playing" when he should be in his bed.  such is life.

Dr. Ross has asked that I take the blood glucose test on my next visit (this thursday) which involves the drinking of that wonderful dose of sugar and then waiting an hour.  I do not agree with taking this test (as I was able to "catch" my diabetes the last time with noticing the symptoms) so I am not sure why he thinks it best for me to do this when I don't have any current symptoms of the diabetes.  I was going to "opt out" of the test altogether (you know you are allowed to disagree with the all-knowing doctor) but then my husband said he wanted for me to "take the test."  Sooooo... I take it this thursday.  wish me luck...rather would you pray its not even an issue this pregnancy!

And we had an accident in our home a couple of nights back.  Big Jorge was playing with Jorge and, well.. certain events led to my sweet son falling onto the metal air filter grate on our floor, landing on his chin, slicing it right at the indention and chipping his front tooth.  The chip is very noticable.. good thing its not the permanent tooth.  ;-)  Now every time Jorge walks on the grate he points and tells us "I fall down here!" sad. 

well thats it for now.  I will be catching up on all of your blogs as I can.   Adios. 


Marsha said...

I'm glad you are beginning to feel better!

Missy said...

What do you mean you will be catching up on all of our blogs as you can?
You mean you don't wake up every morning and say to yourself...
"I wonder what Missy and Kim and Karen and Michelle and Abbey and everybody else has blogged about today!"?
What is up with that?

I know how to get out of the glucose test...throw up and pass out! They love that and they won't make you keep going. Just don't tell them I told you!

On the napping thing...one time I battled Logan for 3 hours until he finally gave in and fell asleep at his door. Then when I went to check on him he was fast asleep blocking the door and I thought he was dead. Moral of the story...2 year olds are great!