Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nesting: Phase 1

Okay so its only the end of April and yet the "nesting" is beginning. It all started with Bible Study this morning. Somehow we got onto the topic of baby books and the running joke that by the third child they have a book with nothing in it. I am not a "scrapper" so this is particularly an area of struggle for me. I wrote down weights and well visit "stuff" with Jorge, but poor Miguel has only his weight at birth. lol.

So I started thinking about how bad it would be to get Eva's book all done (b/c she's the first girl) and have Jorge's full of good stuff w/pics and yet Miguel's is struggling. So I came home and spent 20 minutes filling in details. I was surprised that I had actually done pretty well with Miguels but it does need pictures. So I just spent the last hour and a half downloading pictures to Wolf Camera. I should be able to pic them up tomorrow.

I also made a "honey do list" of things that need to get done that can be done now. There will be a big transition when Eva arrives in that the boys will be sharing a room. Not looking forward to that one. But big Jorge loves when I get to the nesting phase because he loves "honey do lists" because he is a go getter. I am procrastinator, but a great maker of lists (even for myself). Anyhoo... i am sure this nesting phase will pass and the next will hit closer to due date! lol.

here are a couple of pics I saw while remembering Miguelito!


Marsha said...

What color are you going to paint the walls?

-C said...

You are blessed, my friend ... a husband who likes "honey-do" lists. Don't ever forget it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I just had a thought, you are so talented with writing you should write each boy and now Eva a book of their own. A book all about them from Mommy. What a treasure that would be for them. You can add pictues and little notes from Daddy and family. But the book would be to them from Mommy. (In your space time..ha) What do you think?

Missy said...

Where did you find this husband that likes honey do list?
Do you rent him out?

My new scrapbooking is shutterfly.com...you can make albums that get printed into books.
There is another site too that is cheaper, but I forgot the name of it.
Anyways, may be an easiser option for ya.

Dollar General said...

He looks just like you in that middle picture!! So cute - sweet babies!!

Anonymous said...

i think miguel has gotten lighter (color of skin) as he's gotten older. i didn't realize how much darker he looked when he was tiny. by the way...love the pictures!