Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well blog friends.. Im still alive. I can't get on the computer/t.v until the boys are in bed so that prevents my blogging style of writing more often. Tonight I went to a women's ministry event (Briarwood) Bowling night and i came in third place. There were about 25 women there, so I was pumped.

We are headed to the beach tomorrow. Going to Dauphin Island courtesy of my good friends Paul and Christina. Her parents have a house down there and P & C invited us to come along with them this weekend. I'll take up an offer for free housing at the beach anyday! I did just check the weather and at best it's a high of 70 on saturday and 62 on sunday (with rain likely). Oh well. The possibility of at least one good beach afternoon on saturday is enough for me!

I handed out 20 invitations to the women on my street for the Bible Study at my house starting next Monday (the 14th). Can i just tell you how awesome the response was from the women. I really think we will have a good first time turnout. I went door to door as opposed to just putting them in mailboxes and got to meet 20 of my "neighbors." The first nIght I went out I only got to six houses because three of the women really wanted to talk! PTL! Anyway, please pray for these women. Pray that God prepares their hearts and that some WILL come to know the Lord if they do not already!

Well its not packing yet.. of course I save that for about three hours before I leave! lol. Im such a procrastinator. YUK!


Marsha said...

Hope you are having a great time of relaxation with some fun and fellowship added in.

Richard Ash said...

We miss you all and hope to come down and visit soon. We actually might be moving back to Birmingham. I hope you all have a good time at the beach.