Friday, April 25, 2008

Thoughts on peeing!

Its amazing that any of us learn how to pee in a toilet.

Every mother has to have the thought at some point, "my son (or daughter) isn't going to get married because what woman wants to marry someone who keeps peeing on themselves?"

why does "every child" go through the "phase" of doing great on the potty then all the sudden forget that they know how to do it?

why does my child prefer to pee in his underwear or on the floor, get a "california outlawed discipline" than to pee on that toilet seat?

*** You may be sensing that I have entered that "phase" that seems so normal in most toddlers: my child has done great for three weeks and then decided to revert back to old habits. He went from telling me he had to "go" to just peeing in his pull-up and then taking it off. I know he knows better so he gets the ol' california outlawed disciplinary action, but yet he is still struggling.

He will learn one day right? He will not continue to do this, thus staying off all potential wife prospects, right?

more upbeat post to come.. when my child is on track again! ;-P


Anonymous said...

It's like someone told me...have you ever seen a kindergartener wearing diapers to school? It will get better! Nighttime diapers and doing the "brown" at school are our struggles. Just keep encouraging, it will come!

Missy said...

Been there...done that...felt the same as you...issued the california outlaw...hang in there!