Friday, February 20, 2009

It's no secret..

You may or may not know that Jorge and I are praying through the timing of our next child, via adoption.  I have such a strong passion to adopt out of the foster care system (the huge mess that it is!) and don't necessarily feel like we HAVE to have an itty bitty new baby.  In fact, since the process can take up to a year or two, I would like to get a toddler close to the same age as Eva (or how old she will be) at the time of adoption.  Which,  if I had my choice for timing, would mean a girl between the age of 18-24 months.  

Of course, all of this is in the "talking about" stage.  I have made a few phone calls but haven't really taken the plunge of calling a social worker because my hubby needs a little more time.  I was telling a friend the other day that its much more "nerve wracking" to plan the birth of a child (or timeline for adoption) then if its all a surprise.  Well pregnancy can be a surprise, but not adoption.  And my hubby gets a little "nerve wracked" at the discussion of  time which is why, incidentally, none of our four pregnancies were planned!  But as I have told him over and over again.. our fourth child will not be that way.  We will have to start the process at some point.  ;-)

I honestly have no issues with $$ for adoption (if you adopt through the state there are only legal fees), or concerns over which of the thousands of children do we pursue.. No everything is just about timing.  So friends, whenever you think of us.. please pray for us and that the God of perfect peace will shovel some our way and we will know when is the time to pursue bringing in the next bundle God has for our family!  

Some days I am so ready to have them in our family and then other days I look at the ones we have and think.. it wouldn't hurt to give a little more time.. but even as I type that I feel like I am contradicting what my heart tells me:  another child is a blessing.. it doesn't matter how close in age they are.  Some of you may not understand what I'm getting at here and others will.  Anyways, I just want to rest in the peace that God is in control of our "family planning" and He knows when is best!  So you better believe the day that God confirms it in the heart of my husband.. you guys will be the first to know!! 

**its neat to think that our little baby could already be born right now, just waiting to meet us!  



lauraleepierce said...

This is great! Bill and I have a growing heart for this also. Check out this website, started by a friend of mine who lost her preemie baby and 3 others, but they are now fostering and hoping to adopt 2 and are adopting 1 from Guatemala. THis is just an informational site that she has compiled.
:) Laura PIerce

lauraleepierce said...

Oops... forgot to leave the site.