Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little progress.

I had Bible study this morning.   Last week this same event prompted this post and full fledged "war" in my house.  Alex was having a rough morning (last week) and I ended up having a conversation with the director of the nursery that, for her benefit and that of my son, they don't have to worry with the "naughty chair" (yes, my son got sent to the naughty chair because he refused to share the trains with other kids, well and he was throwing them too I might add).  So I told the wonderful workers in the nursery that I would rather save them the trouble of having to "contain" him when he does this.. and just come get me out of the class and let me deal with it in the bathroom (if you get my drift..).   They said that would be fine.  And were very appreciative.  

So fast forward to today.  I drop the boys off in their rooms.   then I get down the hall in time to hear Alex screaming (mad) and decide to head back down to his room.  Long story short.  They were trying time out and of course he was giving the response you might expect.  Anger.  Read here: NOT BROKENNESS.  Which is why time out does NOT work in this instance with a two year old.  But for nursery workers with no other option.. I completely understand.  So when I got to the door they told me what the problem was and then she asked what I wanted to do, time out or bathroom.  I voted bathroom.  So then we went to bathroom had our event (explanation, spank, prayer) and then came back out in the room.  He walked over and then yelled when another child came near "his" trains.  So right back in the bathroom we went for round 2.   He was sad and still upset when I left.  

So... when I came back from Bible study (I did notice they never came and got me again) one of the teachers was gleaming when she said "Oh Alex did wonderful.  We never had another problem after you left."  I was so happy to hear that.  Then we joked that maybe I should just do that as soon as I drop him off.   But seriously.. Alex has had a rough few weeks.  But as I was telling the women at the church.. PRAY.  Please pray.  God is so good and if I will just stay focused and know that diligence will pay off we will get through this.. me and my sweet blue eyed two year old.  


Natalie said...

Ugh, I feel for you sister.
This past weekend we realized that we were "letting things go" with our youngest son. Instead of disciplining for "fits" we were ignoring them and hoping they would disappear. NOT.
SO Sunday it hits hubby and I that, hmmmm, we should probably DO something about that.
An hour later, after constant attention to the "fits" with some firm yet loving discipline, HE WAS A DIFFERENT CHILD! I was shocked!
I mean I'd seen my kids go from crazy to calm within 24 hours of learning how to lovingly discipline, but this was just nuts!
That was really all he needed! I had seriously thought about taking him to the doctor to see if something was wrong with the poor child.
And now I know what was wrong with him. ME!
I will pray for you my friend. We can do this!

Greta said...

All in a hard day's work, right?
Keep up the consistency. I'm glad you're able to see little glimmers of it paying off. (Sometimes just a tiny bit of encouragement goes a loooong way, doesn't it?)

Also, you can just see the mischief in Alex's eyes in that picture. I'm sure that's why you chose it ;).