Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We don't need to get out!

Another CFA post.  I don't know why, but some days my boys do great and some days there are little terrors.  Today was the Mr. Hyde side while in the play place.  I will say, to their credit, that they weren't being mean per se, just terrorizing two of the girls in there.  Mainly Jorge was terrorizing.  And again, to his credit, these girls were VERY sensitive.  If one of my boys just looked at them they would run to their mom and "tell on them."   It was funny, the first 10 minutes.  Then it was a wee bit exhausting.  Trying to convince her that they were not going to hurt her.  Bother?  Well that's a different story.  Its kind of hard to do "personal space" when there are fifteen kids in the same play place.  Anyhoo... we did have to leave when Alex bit Jorge.  And that makes the second time today.  Jorge has a nice little bruise (and outline) on his cheek (the face one) from where Alex bit him this morning.  Don't worry, Alex got his marks too.  

So apparently I have two biters.  Jorge did it too but it was not out of anger like Alex's is.  Oh the issues.  I am so thankful that they will move past this soon.  And then its on to bigger and better issues, right?  Ahhh.. the joy of parenting.  

On a funny note.. I am loosing my mind.  I had a true "mom" moment.  i was in my car on the phone with a friend.  And I am so used to telling people "hey I just pulled into my driveway, I gotta go (to unload the kids)" that even though I was in MID SENTENCE with my friend.. I looked at my phone, pressed end call and hung up on her.  While I was in mid-sentence.  Why?  Because I had pulled into my driveway and thought in my mind that I had told her I needed to go.  Proof of what being a mom does to your brain.  

For you mom's out there please share your funniest "mom" moment with me.. I'd enjoy the laugh (and the realization that I am not the only one).  Although I can also add that there has been at lease two times that a neighbor has come to my front door to tell me that I have left one of my van doors open (yeah, the automatic door)!  Holla Jennifer G!  

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