Saturday, May 9, 2009

Before I forget..

Jorge is saying some of the cutest things lately and I knew I had to blog them or else I will forget them. 

Yesterday in the van: 
Jorge: "hey Alex, can I kiss you?"
Alex: "NO." 
Jorge: "Alex I want to hug you and to give you a kiss like daddy kisses mommy."  
(no worries people, its not that kind of kiss). 

Tonight we were at my SIL's house and the older kids were watching Spiderman 3.  As you may be aware, Jorge is obsessed with Spiderman.  So when I told him that he had to come back upstairs because he wasn't allowed to watch that movie, he yelled "OH NO I'm gonna watch this movie,mommy."  Well he got disciplined.  I explained again that he was too young for that movie and that he would be able to watch it when he got older.  I then tell him to go kiss his Vita (grandmom) and tell everyone goodbye.  I round up my other two kiddos and go to find Jorge.  Where is he?  On the stairs hanging over the railing staring at the t.v (with spiderman on it).  I call his name and ask what he is doing.  His response, "oh uh.. I just saying goodbye to 'dem."  Little stinker!!! 

On our way home, I called my hubby (who is out of town) to tell him about the story.  And how Jorge yelled at me and all that jazz.  When I got off the phone this is what Jorgito said" 

"Mommy, I so sorry."  
"for what, baby?"  
"I so sorry that I watched Joshua's movie.  I so sorry I not obey." 

Then during prayers before bed he prayed: 
"And Jesus I so sorry I watch that movie.  It was all my fault. I so sorry I not obey mommy."  

Oh Lord I pray he always be sensitive toward his sin against you.  

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Kama said...

Hi Rachel! In response to your comment about my sons sleeping in their bunk beds, they do OK. My oldest loved sleeping in the top bunk for about a week to two weeks then he wanted to sleep with his brother in the lower bunk. My youngest climbs on everything in the house, but he has trouble getting up into the top bunk. He only gets up and down with my help. So far, my kids have not tried to jump from the top bunk or do anything else wild. My boys are all boys and love to jump and run. Hopefully, this will help you with your decision on wether or not to have your boys sleep in bunk beds or twin beds. My oldest son will be 5 in Aug and my youngest will be 3 in Oct. so you have an age range to compare with your kids. Good luck on your decision. Let me know what you decide. Kama