Friday, May 8, 2009

NO more band-aids, thank you very much

So my favorite phrase of the day:

(Pediatrician) "Oh yeah, I see it.  Its stuck right on the back of her throat."  

I cried. In relief..  Mommy was right. I knew something was not right. 


Eva had her vaccine shots today.  You know those little round band-aids that they put on their chubby little legs?  Well, my sweet 8 month old daughter decided to pull one off her leg and eat it, while in her car seat, while on our way to pick up the boys from my friend Christina's house. 

She was crying on the way and I chalked it up to, she's just hungry.  the last time she ate was 8:30 and it was now 11:30.  But when i made it my friends house and tried feeding Eva she kept gagging and then started the screaming.  The kind of screaming that leaves you batty.. You know something isn't right.  I pick her up.  And that's when I see it:  One of the band-aids is missing.  

Christina gets me a flashlight and we attempt to hold a screaming baby down long enough to try to see if we can see the band-aid.  I couldn't see a thing.  Long story short: call the pediatrician and he says if she swallowed it that we will just have to wait for it to pass.  Eva doesn't want to nurse.  Screams non-stop.  I decide to head home and wait for it to pass.  On the way home she starts gagging so badly she throws up.  That I found out as I swerved over on the side of the road and open the door in time to see my gagging child throw up what i had tried to feed her at my friends house.  No band-aid in the throw up.  

She falls asleep from pure exhaustion.  Got home.  Put the boys in the bed and let the sleeping baby sleep.  When she woke up it was nightmare all over again.  Screaming, gagging, crying, not wanting to nurse.  Call the doc and said I'm coming in.  He assures me that if its it there and he can see it, he can get it out.  Otherwise we have to go to the ER.   Although, he does say that "it could just be she is that upset from getting shots." To which I assure him that she is NOT that upset.  The girl hasn't eaten in 8 hours.  That's NOT normal for any upset child and she has cried, nay, screamed for a continual 40 minutes.  

Got to the doctor... and upon examination he says the best thing this mother could ever hear (today): "Oh yea it's there.  Right on the back of her throat."  

I almost wept.  Instead, I scooped her up and snuggled her tight and kept saying "oh baby, mommy knew.  Mommy knew it.  I knew it wasn't right.  We are gonna fix it.  mommy knew."  

10 minutes later it was out.  And baby girl nursed like she had never nursed before.. or like it had been 9 hours since she had last eaten.  No more band-aids, thank you very much.  

My little angel is back to her old self.  Content.  Eating.  Sleeping peacefully. Praise be to God for His gracious deeds!!! 


Greta said...

I'm so glad he could get it out!
And you're right, mommas just know.

Jaci Spain said...

That brings back memories of Mia choking on velcro when she was 8 mos:( I'm so glad she's okay!

care-in said...

So glad you went with your gut and took her in!

Rachel said...

yikes!! That would be so scary. Good call! I'm glad it was easily removed.