Monday, November 17, 2008

Cool Mom...

So as I was pulling into a parking spot I noticed another mom waiting patiently on her toddler.  She had returned their cart to the cart return spot and her son was walking along the railing.  You know, feet on one part and hands on the top rail..slowly "walking" alongside until he reached the end.  The mom was just standing there patiently, even smiling.  Her son finished up and they were walking to their car (next to mine) at the time I was getting out.  I then said, "you are a cool mom.  Good job!"  She of course was curious as to what I was talking about.  

"You took the time to let him do the things toddlers love to do!  I feel like, with my three, Im always in a rush with the 'list' that needs to get done that I often times forget to slow down long enough to let my kids enjoy the 'little things' like that."  

I think she was very encouraged by my noticing.  But, truly, it was a reminder for me to slow down and let the kids be kids.  If its not going to hurt them I should not be in such a rush to not allow them to do the things that kids like to do.  For instance, Jorge loves to ride on the bottom of the cart.  He's still small enough to not be hanging out too far.  But most of the time Im in such a hurry and don't want to take the time to remind him not to put his mouth on the cart, keep his arms in..etc.  But he LOVES it.  I want to take the time to let him do it and take the time to train him at the same time.  

Anyway... here's to hoping you slow down too with your littles! Have a great, slow day!  



Anonymous said...

That is pretty cool... and pretty damn cool you not only noticed but said something to her... Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Forever the pessimist...He will love riding on the bottom until he decides to stick his fingers into the wheel (even though you have told him not to....Levi!)