Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Before I go into the H-E-L-L that was our family pictures tonight.. I will be kind and give you the end product first.  Here are the poses we went with: 

It's much brighter printed.  But this is our family shot.  Christmas cards too. 

trying to kiss Eva.. Mommy thought it was cute. 

Adoring Eva.. This was the best we got with all three of them. 

This was a good one except for Jorge not really doing a real smile.  

Now to some of my favorite bloopers.  BTW, i got all these pics on the CD so this is totally legal for me to do this.  ;-)  some of these are worth ordering just to show the pain it is to try and get three children under three to cooperate.  Well, Eva actually did very well!   But she did not want to smile until AFTER the pictures were done. 

Jorge using his shirt to clean his nose.. classic.

Getting the boys to laugh a little too much. 

I honestly don't know what Alexs' question is.  He probably wants to know what's wrong with his brother.. 

Laughin' it up.  Notice my husband and I are just trying to remain calm.. is it convincing? 

At this point, the kissing had become a game and Eva was getting concerned. 

Ha!  Promise we didn't give Jorge drugs.  

I love this one.. Jorge is wondering why both parents have to hold down his arm.  Because, he kept picking his nose! 

Ahh.. dear blog friends I wish that were the only bloopers.  Most of it was just getting the boys to look at the camera at the same time.  I seriously don't want to gripe so I will just leave you with this to explain my evening.  Our appointment time was at 4:40 p.m.  Pictures were actually taken at 6:30.  At 7:17 I sent the boys home with Big Jorge.  By 7:45 I was viewing and picking my pictures. And at 8:30 dad came to pick me up and take me home.  FOUR HOURS later people.  But I have my pictures in hand.  

And tomorrow I get to go to the DMV!  Seriously!  


Lindsay said...

Yep. I was at Portrait Innovations for about 4 hours myself the day before yesterday. It was a zoo in there!

Your pics are cute!

Rachel said...

Oh goodness. I feel for you. Yikes! We'll be going the week AFTER Christmas for Ali's two-year-old pictures. No Christmas cards, but no insanity either.

Jaci Spain said...

Oh my word, now I am petrified! We are supposed to go on the 8th. The good thing is our appt. is at 9:30 so maybe it won't be too chaotic yet. At least you got a few good ones, but sometimes it's almost not worth going through all that:)