Friday, November 7, 2008

an insane amount of pictures.

I totally need to set these pictures up in a slide show. .there are so many. I still have more to post.  But I figure I wont put them all up in one post.  Here is our week (or two) in pictures. 

On one of the rainy days we had a play date at my house.  Guests were Jaci and Jennifer and their precious littles.   this is the only interaction that my boys get with girls their ages.  ha!  And these girls (Mia 3, Averi 1) are soooo sweet and have to be watched after around my hooligans.  Fritz (jennifers' boy) is used to the fact he is now old enough to contribute!  lol!
Eating lunch.  
Alex jumping on Jaci.. this is a game to him.  I just thought the action shot was hilarious. 
Alex is loving on his sister.. we call him the "stalker."  

They are watching a movie, together.

then it's play time.. this round about game happens throughout anything we are doing.  I love the face Alex is making.. all smiles.  He smiles with his whole face. .very cute. 

Baby girl with her daddy. 
Eva @ 8 weeks.  (she is now almost 11 weeks, btw). 

One of my little sisters (Rachel Terry..the one with the green hair!) is a gymnast for the University of Alabama.  This is her first year and we are so excited for her.  We went to an exhibition meet where the team "competed" against each other.  It was the week of Halloween so the two teams were the ghosts and the Goblins.  Rachel's team won!  woohoo!

um.. obviously a goblin.. with attitude. 
Eva and her nana catching up on some sleep.. but not when it was Rachel's turn. 
and yes.. her arms are sick!  the girl has more strength in her arms than I do in my.. um .. whole body, if I were to have strength in my whole body!  
as my Auburn fan husband says, "he supports Alabama gymnastics" which is why his son has on an Alabama jersey.  I think he says "Roll Eagle" or something like that. 

One day after nap times.. i heard Jorge leave his room.  I was a little slow in getting to him.. I kept calling out for him, "Jorge, where are you?"  I wasn't getting a response.. this was why...he had a mouth full.. sneaky boy!

No denying the proof!

The boys playing together in their room!  yes there is a mirror by Jorges bed.  It was there when he was smaller and would sit on the floor in front of it.  Now his bed covers half of it.. but it is still a source of much enjoyment for the boys. 

Yet another pose of my quirky sleeper. 

Eva and her cousin, Kevin. He is two months older than her.. oh and the stalker is behind them.. ha!

So sweet..

I can't remember if I mentioned that Eva is sleeping through the night. . so that is awesome.. 10-12 hours.. woohoo.. now if i can just adjust to going to bed early!  The boys are waking up at 6 a.m thanks to the new time.  And I will share one of the cute things Jorge has said.. it is amazing the verbal jump he has made in the past 2 months.. he is talking so much more and is able to really express what he is thinking.. we love it. although it has its down times.  The other day we got into the van and Alex grabbed one of Jorge's toys before Jorge could get to it. 
 Jorge said, "Mommy, I want to play with that toy. Not Alex." 
Me:  I know you do honey.  Remember what we learned in our Bible time today?  God's little boy shares.  So lets try that.  
Jorge: Mommy I no want to share.  (still says "no want to")
Me:  Well babe, sometimes you have to do things that you don't want to.  But you still have to do them because it's what God would want you to do. Don't you want to do what God wants you to do?
Jorge: Mommy, I can't want to.  

Too funny.. I took that to mean that he just could not get to that place of actually wanting to do the right thing. . it made me chuckle.. but for the story he did share with his brother. He just asked Alex if he could have his turn after he was done.  Very sweet.  Some times are better than others. 


Missy said...

That is so funny that your boys love the mirror!
Little baby girl is getting cuter and cuter. I hope you are able to get that Dr thing going. Making Drs apps is so annoying.
And congrats on the sleeping through the night!!! What a great milestone!

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