Wednesday, November 26, 2008

God is so gracious.

We had family pictures last night and the DMV today.  And yes, I went by myself with the kids, to the DMV.  But God was/is so gracious.  I had packed snacks, a couple of books and sippy cups for the boys to keep them busy while we were to wait in line.  However, when I got there there was only one other person in line and by the time i made it up to the front he had been called.  Then I got the boys' apples out and then I heard, "next."  Woohoo!  I was saying out loud, "God is so good!  Here I thought this might take forever.  He does answer prayer!"  The women were laughing.  

That is one of the pluses of living in Shelby County rather than Jefferson County.  The JC DMV takes FOREVER and there is no way I would wait there with all three of my kiddos.  

Tags are done.  Now we just have to put them on the new car.  Well my husbands new car or ride I should say.  

Going to bed.  I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Pace yourselves!  


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Melissa said...

Wow! You were both brave and blessed. :)