Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rachel is awesome!!!

Im not talking about me! For those interested, and who wouldn't be, one of my little sisters (i have three. to find out how link here) is a gymnast for the University of Alabama. Here is a video from this site, of her practicing her floor routine. The official season starts in January. She is awesome. Enjoy.

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I love you Rachel. (yes my sister has the same name as me!)


Another video of Rachel. It's kinda long but she shows up at 5:04 in the time and is the one with two wrist bands on. Oh and she is also the one KICKIN' IT on the leg lifts! Notice the ease with which those legs are thrown up!!! woot woot! representin'. (well, not me since i probably couldn't do one! lol).

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Jaci Spain said...

Wow, she is awesome! I can't wait to go see some of her meets.