Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bible Time Funnies...

The boys and I do Bible time (devo's) in the morning after we get up.  98% of the time its before we do anything else (apart from pee-peeing on the potty, of course).  We started a new book that is like a Sunday School format.  Craft and a story.  Well we skip the craft this early in the morning and do the story.  

This morning we were learning about Genesis 22:14 and the Lord providing for Abraham and Isaac with a ram out of the thicket.  We had to revisit the fact that Abraham and Isaac went up the mountain to make their sacrifice.  

Me:  Boys do you remember why they went up the mountain?
Jorge:  yes yes ummm they went upa to da top to obey..up to da top in a helicopter.  

Well, that's a new take on the story I hadn't heard in my years at Southeastern.  But boy is it creative.. I love it!  I have a feeling we are going to have lots of these funnies to post!  


Anonymous said...

When did you start doing morning devos with your kids? Do you remember what books/tools you used first?

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

Hey Jessica. When did I start? Sadly not until this year (jorge 3, Alex 2). I wish I would have started when Jorge was 2. As far as a sit down intentional time. We would read books about Jesus and did a song and a prayer before bed but not devos. And we do them first thing before we watch t.v or eat or anything which teaches the preeminence of Christ. I wish I could say we have been faithful every day.. but some days we woke up late and had to rush and missed. But just be faithful to get it in at some point. Time of day isn't as important as actually doing it. And most mornings the boys will get out of bed and Jorge will say, "its Bible time mommy" and they both will run to the couch. That is so awesome. If only I could have that same excitement to do my own Bible times.. but God is working on me too! Anyways, we started with a book called "A little boy after God's own heart." here is a link (
It has wonderful illustrations, a character trait a day.. "God's little boy obeys" or "God's little boy is responsible" and then a picture, verse and a whimsical rhyme that goes along with it. Although the verse was already printed on the page.. we still had our Bible to look the verse up in. We call our devo's "Bible Time." Now that we finished that book we are doing this one: . I think its a good tool if I were actually doing the craft with it. I want to find another book like the one I was using before because the picture is already there. But I also do like this one because its more story based. There are so many resources out there its awesome. With my kids being three and two, short and sweet is best. A verse and application is great! A picture with it to help is even better. And by three, memorization is possible so that is something fun to do as well. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to write back. My Ava is only 18 months, so I'll probably give it until she's 2 to start this. We do the song/prayer before bed and she knows we pray before meals and when we discipline her. We've started the memorizing with, "Who made you Ava?" and she'll say, "God made me Mama!" I appreciate all the tips and look forward to using them soon. Thank you also for your post today. I found myself nodding in agreement for most of it. Thankfully we serve a gracious and merciful Lord, huh?!