Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Packing and preparation..

The fam and I are leaving on a 6 a.m flight Thursday morning headed to Colorado. Our first white Christmas, ever! I am supposed to be packing.. but am not. I generally wait until the last minute. My birthday is also on thursday and what better way to spend it than in an airport with three precious kids three and under? Jealous?

My husband called me today and said he lined up a sitter and wanted to take me out for dinner. Hibachi here I come. So exciting. Keep in mind, I was supposed to get ahead on packing tonight. Rather eat. Hibachi. Yum.

Hope you guys have a great night!


Tina Ogden said...

I AM jealous!!! about the CO destination, not the kid thing :)

Ill be thinking about yall. We will be passing in the air as I head to AL Thursday :)

Feliz Cumplianos, un poquito temprano!!!

Jaci Spain said...

Totally jealous about a white Christmas! Have a fun date night tonight. We are having a much needed one on Thursday!

Amanda Leigh said...

A White Christmas totally makes a difference. Sorry. I am Biased. Enjoy it sooo much it makes it so much more magical! We will be enjoying one too!!!!!!!!!