Saturday, December 13, 2008

What about your Filet Mignon??

 I've said it many times and was saying it today to a family member (who happens to be "leary" of marriage):  "you just haven't met your filet mignon yet." You've only been exposed to sirloins.  But once you meet your filet you will want to be with him forever! 

I've done this before, but its time for an update. I was inspired after reading this post by Amanda. I love my man, my filet mignon.  Here are some of my favorite reasons.  

1.  He chose me.  
2.  He is directionally challenged: He needs me. Im his Garmin. 
3.  He thinks the craziest things are funny: He makes me laugh.
4.  He's a nurse.  Which means he doesn't have a problem checking my problems.  
5.  He takes out the garbage.
6.  He kills all bugs. 
7.  He takes the kids on outings.  
8.  He laughs at me.  This is a good thing. 
9.  He tries to see how far we can "make it" going up the hill without pushing the gas pedal. See #3
10.  He never sings the correct words to ANY song. On purpose.  Even children's songs. 
11.  He appreciates me. 
12.  He plays the devil's advocate.  But I always know he agrees with me. 
13.  He takes care of my car.  Changes the oil, checks the tires, etc. 
14.  He studies Gods word. 
15.  He leads our family in prayer. 
16.  He always walks between me and the street.  With our kids too. 
17.  He always opens my door. 
18.  He loves his babies. 
19.  He is so HOT. 
20.  He truly is my best friend.  

Here are some of my precious moments that make me appreciate him all the more. 


So do a post about your filet! And put a link for it in my comments so I can check it out!


care-in said...

#10 makes me laugh. X does that too and now Elliya does it.

Natalie said...

Oh Rachel! Those pictures were so precious to add to this post! I almost cried!