Friday, December 12, 2008

Im just cool like dat!

Short post. We had Big Jorge's family over tonight. Between his two sisters they have five kids. Three of them were here for dinner with the whole family.

After dinner, as everyone was getting ready to go home one of the boys (Jeremy, 10) asked if he could spend the night with us. then Josh (13) and Nataly (8) asked if they could too.

Im just an old lady now (at least to them) but they have enough fun with us to want to be here. It just put a big smile on my face. So right now its 9:37 and they went to go get a movie with Big Jorge. Narnia's Prince Caspian, I think. Fun times.. I hope I can function in the morning. :-)

Im gonna be the cool aunt (tia, in spanish) and make them some popcorn. Or is that lame? Nah, its all good. Im just cool like dat.

peace out.

Okay that was lame.

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